Performance Appraisal and Job Evaluation Process a Case Study on “Dada Corporation”

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Performance Appraisal and Job Evaluation Process A case study on “Dada Corporation” Introduction Page# a) History of the organization 2 b) Objective of the organization 3 c) Function of the organization 3 d) Role of the organization in the Economic Development of Bangladesh 5 e) Organizational Structure 7 f) Mission of the organization 9 g) Vision of the organization 9 Research Methodology a) Rationale of the study 10 b) Objectives of the study 10 Findings and Analysis a) Brief Description of the organization 11 b) Present performance appraisal and Job evaluation process of the organization 11 c) Benefit of present performance appraisal and Job evaluation process…show more content…
Digitized patterns using CAD and CAM, strict materials inspection, production management according to Lean system, in-house embroidery & printing and packaging, performance testing and more, all adds to Moland’s effort to manufacture the best quality product. Dada supplies high quality products to global brands including CamelBak, Haglofs, Jack wolfksin, Ortovax, Thorka Yak Pak and more. Apparel Business: Having started production in 2005, Dada maintains successful partnerships with global market leaders such as Adida, Reebok, Gap, Sears, Walmart, Kohl’s and K-Mart through its smart execution of production management by Lean system and GSD program. In July 2005, P.T. Dada Indonesia started knitwear production. As of 2009, P.T. Dada Indonesia operates 70 knitwear productions lines with 4,800 production staff, boasting a monthly capacity of 1.5 million units. Established in 2007 with state of the art production facilities, the new knitwear factory at P.T. Dada Indonesia serves as Dada’s production base for knitwear. Equipped with in-house printing and embroidery, CAD/CAM, testing laboratories and more, the operation is known for accurate on-time delivery and delivering products of superior quality. IT Business: An affiliate company of Dada, Damonet

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