Performance Appraisal as a Positive Part of the Performance Management Process

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Performance Appraisal as a Positive Part of The Performance Management Process:

(A Case of Mofas Shipping-Line)


Ola Kazeem Falodun

March 2008

Performance appraisal as a positive part of the performance management process has come a very long way in the history of human resource management. Performance appraisal is one of the central pillars of the performance management which is directly related to the organizational performance and have a direct and significant impact on it. Performance appraisal has been, and is still the strength of performance management,.

The main focus of this work is centred on:
Assessing critically how the formal appraisal
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In summary, the formal performance appraisal gives feedback to employees to improve subsequent performance; identifies employee training needs; documents criteria used to allocate organizational rewards; forms a basis for personnel decisions-salary increases, disciplinary actions, etc.; provides the opportunity for organizational diagnosis and development; facilitates communication between employee and administrator; validates selection techniques and human resource policies to meet equal employment opportunity requirements.

It is been said by some that appraisal cannot serve the needs of evaluation and development at the same time. it must be one or the other. The researcher believe there must be an acceptable middle ground, where the need to evaluate employees objectively, and the need to encourage and develop them, can be balanced.

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The researcher note that no system performs hundred percent excellently. Armstrong and Baron (2005) supported this that “performance appraisal is like a double edged sword for an organisation. Although it has many benefits for
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