Performance Appraisal at Burger King

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Performance appraisal at Burger King Burger King is one of the leading companies in the national and international fast food industry and it is also a model of business success. The company's approach to its staff members is focused on the motivation of the employees and their integration within the overall culture of the organization. The underlying principle behind this decision is that the employees will perform best when they are motivated. In this setting, the Burger King manager is not perceived as a micromanager to handle and supervise all small tasks, but he/ she is perceived as a leader and a provider of guidance to the staff members (Management Paradise, 2011). At a more technical level, the company rewards their employees based on ongoing assessments and appraisals. The performances of the individual staff members are assessed in the team context, as well as at an individual level and they are normally conducted once a year. The scope of these appraisals is that of identifying the means in which the employees are able to support the company in attaining its pre-established objectives. Also, during the appraisals, the employees and their direct manager will identify the degree to which the employee has attained the individual objectives set out throughout the evaluation of the previous year. New objectives would also be set and rewards would be established based on the results of the evaluation. The reward system at Burger King is generically based on

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