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The most important purpose or goal of the appraisal is to improve performance and hence productivity in the future. Performance appraisals allow employees to see where they are at and managers can get valuable information from employees to help them make employee's jobs more productive. Performance appraisals sound great in theory but the odd thing is that they often don't get done, and many managers, supervisors and employees hate them. Legal implications, concerns about fairness and accuracy, costs and time are some of the issues which perhaps incline some managers to avoid performance appraisals but the reality is companies which have adopted this system find the benefits to be more than rewarding. As a result of appraisals, managers’…show more content…
•     What evidence do you have that you accomplished your goals? •     As you look back over the past year, what are the areas in which you could have improved? What changes would you like to make? •     What tools/processes or resources help you do your job best? What would enhance your job productivity? •     Did you complete the activities as agreed? What did you learn and apply from them? •     What is the one thing you most appreciate from your supervisor? What is one thing you wish you had more or less of? Review job description (1.2) and select measurable tasks: 1.     Keeps team focused and motivated. Teamwork 2.     Facilitates communication between employees and him/herself. Communication 3.     Ensures the needs of customers are conveyed efficiently to the team members. (Meetings held) Communication 4.     Designs and implements successful sales campaigns that achieve sales and quality targets. Innovative

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