Performance Appraisals For A Recent Class

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INTRODUCTION While conducting an internet article review concerning performance appraisals for a recent class, I began recalling the experiences that I have had as an employee and as a supervisor. The most recent experience I have had was as a new employee for the state of Florida. My current occupation is Compliance Officer with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), which is career service position. In this occupation I am responsible for enforcing federal regulations and state statutes, in regards to weights and measures and safe operations of commercial motor vehicles on the state’s highway system. In this position, I am required to monitor commercial motor vehicles as they enter the weight facility, most commonly referred to…show more content…
I think that she felt that with my previous experience as an adjutant (administrative assistant within a military command) in the U.S. Army, and as new comer to the organization, I could offer a fresh perspective on how to cope with her new responsibility of evaluating sixteen employees. I recall her trepidation over having to conduct these annual evaluations as a new supervisor. Not to mention, just a year prior she was a compliance officer and co-worker with the individuals that she is now responsible for rating job performance. As someone who has been involved in performance appraisals on a regular basis for more than twenty years, I understood her apprehension. It is sometimes difficult to transition from a typical employee to someone who may have to rate a previous co-worker’s job performance as poor or below expectations. My supervisor’s primary concerns werewith conducting the appraisals impartially, fairly, and consistently across the board for all the employees within the department. While I did not delve into the specifics of the evaluations with her, I did lend her my ear for venting her frustrations about having to evaluate underperformers, and the time and energy she would have to commit to the
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