Performance Appraisals For A Recent Class

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While conducting an internet article review concerning performance appraisals for a recent class, I began recalling the experiences that I have had as an employee and as a supervisor. The most recent experience I have had was as a new employee for the state of Florida. My current occupation is Compliance Officer with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), which is career service position. In this occupation I am responsible for enforcing federal regulations and state statutes, in regards to weights and measures and safe operations of commercial motor vehicles on the state’s highway system. In this position, I am required to monitor commercial motor vehicles as they enter the weight facility, most commonly referred to as a weight station by the general public. The skills required for this position are fairly, technical and the daily duties quickly become mundane. A typical day consists of one or two compliance officers manning the control panel, which controls a system called Weight In Motion (WIM). As the name implies, (WIM) weighs vehicles as they move down the interstate and directs vehicles to static scales, which are adjacent to the weight facility, where vehicles are examined more thoroughly, if needed. My working environment is reasonably colloquial and recently my direct supervisor began asking me questions regarding performance appraisals that she was conducting, as part of the state’s annual evaluations system. Typically, I would consider a…
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