Performance Appraisals

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The Performance Of Performance Appraisal Sanjeev Kumar Saxena - Jodhpur Today, most of organisations attempt to develop the outlook and performance of its employees by using multiple and complex training and educational programmes. In comparison to this, several academician 's, researches and professionals hold that the personality of employees is generally developed when they learn several dimensions of job while working. Similarly, it is also believed that proper development of the personality of an employee by exercising ‘on the job ' will be more useful when the organisation simultaneously gets related feed back through a systematic method of performance appraisal. Performance appraisal is a process of obtaining, analysing and…show more content…
Today, the traditional confidential report method is widely used by immediate supervisors as a major determinant of subordinate 's promotion and transfer. This report deals with the year work and general opinion of the later toward the employee. It has also been observed that 33 per cent and 14 per cent of five star and heritage hotel respectively also used appraisal by result modern method of performance appraisal because frequently feedback and supervisor subordinate interaction are the key factors of this method. The superiors play supportive counselling and coaching roles. The employee is judged on the basis of the achievement of targets and not in term of operational methodology. Whereas 100 per cent of the one and unapproved hotels do not use any of the method of performance appraisal as they have informal system of performance appraisal. Performance appraisal though very widely used an probably sound in theory but it presents a numbers of problems in actual practice. The obstacles which are noted quite common and more frequent during the research are: Unskilled supervision An ineffective form of performance appraisal, inadequate procedures, infrequent evaluation, fear of offending employees and unfairness, failure to follow up. Therefore, an
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