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Performance Appraisals Performance appraisals are used to rate several things in organizations in regards to employees and their performance. There are several types of performance appraisals that can be given. The textbook mentions three different types of data that performance appraisals collect. The types of data include trait data, behavioral data, and outcome data. Three types of performance appraisals that will be discussed further are the unstructured method, 360-degree feedback, and the grading and checklist method.
Three types of performance appraisals The unstructured method is just as it sounds this appraisal method doesn’t have a set structure. This is an older performance appraisal method. Supervisors’ opinion is how the employee is rated; “the unstructured method relies on the superior subjective opinion, without an objective rating scale” (Griffin, 2016). This a trait-focused performance appraisal and is not very reliable, it focuses on personality which is not an effective way to judge work ethic. Next, is the 360-degree feedback method. This performance appraisal method “enables the employee to receive feedback from his superior, his peers, and his subordinates” (community for Human Resource Management, 2016). This method can be helpful in identifying your work ethic from several different aspects. It can provide a basis for improvement, getting input from others that watch you work and work with you everyday. Lastly, grading and checklists is the final

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