Performance Appraisals and Employee Performance

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Performance Appraisals and Employee Performance: Performance appraisals are constantly viewed as burdensome tasks that employers would like to avoid despite understanding the significance of evaluating the performance of employees. This consideration is further fueled in organizations and companies with minimal pay raises and bonuses as well as those with downsized compensations. Organizations that take similar initiatives to deal with current economic challenges also experience difficulties in task of conducting performance appraisals of employees. However, there is need to ensure that the performance appraisal process remains a priority for the employers through focusing on its advantages and effect on increasing employee performance. While the effectiveness of performance appraisals is influenced by various problem areas, effective performance appraisals enhance employee performance. Performance Appraisal Process: The process of conducting performance appraisals plays a crucial role in helping employee to meet job-related objectives. This process can largely be conducted through informal and formal settings but is mainly dependent on communications. Actually, the effectiveness of the performance appraisal process is dependent on communications to a large extent. The informal performance appraisal process is carried out in the daily operations of an organization since informal discussions take place and offer immediate performance feedback (Richman, 2011). On the
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