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Effectiveness of a performance appraisal Name Course number and name Instructor’s name 21st August 2015 Introduction Performance appraisal is the day to day analysis of the employee’s performance and productivity in their respective job positions. Evaluation is usually done systematically and after a given period which in most cases done annually but this depend on the organization objectives. Several important factors are considered when drafting a performance appraisal; this includes the behavior of an individual, their achievements, strengths, and weaknesses. Data to be filled out in the performance appraisal is collected by consulting other employee’s, observation, interviews and most importantly the job objective.…show more content…
Therefore, communication is established, which in return gives the employee’s confidence to suggest corrections or consult the corrections to make for the future of the organization. Performance appraisal indicates the weaknesses of the employees; hence, the manager can show the areas that need to be corrected (Obisi, 2011). Via weaknesses the target of the manager passes to the employee, which, in the long run, improves the organization goals. Performance evaluations assist the managers to make an informed decision when it comes to the employees. Organizations can quickly obtain information concerning an employee during promotion or refill of vacant positions in the organization. The performance appraisal also enhances the process of rewarding the employee’s, they can know which employee’s to give bonuses, lay –offs and increasement of salary. The goals of an organization are communicated to the employee’s using the appraisal as it consists the changes to be made y the employees (Schraeder, Becton, & Portis, 2007). The performance appraisal motivates the employee’s as the organization offers bonuses, promotion and offs to employee’s who show improvement and commitment in their duties. Through this benefits employees tend to work extra hard so as to take advantage of the same. In conclusion, performance appraisal can relatively contribute to the achievement of an organization goal, in

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