Performance Assessment : Classroom Management And Behavior Plan

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Laurie Leone
Heba Abu
AIC | EDU 6610 | Behavior Management
June 25, 2015

Performance Assessment: Classroom Management and Behavior Plan

Educational Context

As lead general education English Language Arts and Science teachers, we provide this Classroom Management and Behavior Plan for our students in grades 8-12.

Guiding Philosophy

are committed to providing a respectful, encouraging learning environment that promotes student achievement, inclusion, self-efficacy and confidence. We will strive to create a classroom climate that measures high in addressing Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. For instance, in order to meet our students’ physiological needs, our classroom environment will be clean, orderly, free of distractions and well provisioned with easy-to-access supplies. To meet our students’ need for safety, we will be fair, consistent, nurturing and respectful. We will strive to keep the learning environment free of emotional and/or physical threats or bullying of any kind. We will communicate our grading and discipline policies clearly so all students understand our behavior/performance expectations and consequences. To promote belongingness, we will model acceptance, affection and appreciation of all members of the classroom community. We will strive to ensure each community member feels recognized and respected by arranging group exercises, maintaining a feeling of lightheartedness and fun, and encouraging interactions and friendships among community…
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