Performance Assessment : School Based Assessment

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Performance assessment is a tool that is use to evaluate whether the student have mastered the skills or knowledge that they learned. It is a process that needs to be done continuously and have to modify accordingly. Performance assessment can be done within the class and can be in any form. The result of performance assessment is not only based on their exam but also from other aspect. That will help the student to know what they are good in and what they lack of. It is different from the traditional assessment from the way it assessed.
The performance assessment is launch in our country with the KSSR syllabus. Performance assessment tasks and products not only inform educators of students’ progress towards predetermined objectives, they
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Some of the assessment can be done based on the product of the students after the class. The product do not have to be done in class but can be done in months. The evaluation is done within the progress of the student trying to complete the product. This is mostly used on hands-on activity’s evaluation. The skills practicing to complete their task will implement in their mind much better than just chalk and talk. In short, they can learn, mastered and practiced their skills better thru performance assessment than examinations.
SBA can reduce the exam-oriented learning and help the teachers to identify the students’ capability to master the skills that had been teach. In the mean time, students are trained to learn independently with the high order thinking skill. The students will be able to know what they should do and learn to evaluate their own work. It is like a competition they run within themselves to get better. They will gain their confident after they see their improvements unlike those who have to compete with others in the same class or even in the same year. The SBA has to be carrying on constantly to see the students’ improvements. So the students are able to prove themselves that they had mastered the skill and can used the skill properly.

The SBA can be conducted at any time in any way as long as it can be integrate with the
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