Performance-Based Compensation Programs for Teachers

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In the recent years, many school systems have undergone various budget cuts, causing educators’ salaries to plummet. As a solution, some argue that paying teachers according to their students’ grades may improve the suffering school system’s economic status. However, making test scores and grades a variable to an educator’s pay would be difficult, ultimately costly, and unfair. Bearing in mind that a system in which grades would determine teachers’ pay, the salaries would be differing amounts and establishing these diverse paychecks would be difficult. Deciding how to administer this new system of pay would make more work for the already messy school board system. According to Edutopia, The Denver Classroom Teachers Association agreed to award educators according to student progress. In this “pay-for-performance plan”, as they called it, educators would earn raises if their students met or exceeded the specific academic standards, in place of the typical factors used to decide pay such as, years of service and the teachers’ level of education. This however, raised the question of how the school board can adequately evaluate how much each teacher will receive. It would be very hard to impose this system among schools due to the fact that there is no specific way of evaluating teacher performance. Imposing this system would bring us to the question of what makes a ‘good teacher’? Measuring a teacher’s value in the education system is nearly impossible because there
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