Performance Based Services Essay

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Performance based services

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CON 280

Defining Performance Based Services

The Federal Acquisition Regulation defines performance-based acquisition as “the means an acquisition structured around the results to be achieved as opposed to the manner by which the work is to be performed.” (FAR 2.1) Specifically performance-based services involve strategies, approaches and various techniques that assist with defining a service requirement based on performance objectives. There are specific characteristics that must exist in order for a requirement to be considered a performance-based acquisition and each characteristic influences and shapes the
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The standards shall be measurable and structured to permit an assessment of the contractor’s performance.” Some examples of measurable performance standards are timeliness standards, milestones and accuracy rates. All of these measurable standards could be utilize to appropriately describe the quality of work on a performance-based service contract. The next characteristic that must exist on a performance-based service contract are remedies. Remedies are defined by the Department of Defense Guidebook on Performance-Based Service Acquisitions as “the procedures that address how to manage performance that does not meet performance standards.” Remedies usually accompany incentives which encourage contractors to performance well above standards. Remedies are a necessity in the acquisition world because corrective measures must be in place to ensure mission requirements are met, even when a contractor is not able to perform to the best of their abilities. The final element needed in a performance-based service acquisition is a performance assessment plan. This plan is responsible for describing how a contractor’s performance will be measured and assessment against performance standards. A performance assessment plan usually manifests itself in the form of a quality assurance plan or a quality assurance surveillance plan.

Ensuring Quality Performance How can the government ensure
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