Performance Drugs Should Not Be Legal

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Performance Drugs Should not be Legal The Center for Disease Control and Prevention did a survey on high schoolers grades 9th through 12th and found out the 4.4% to 5.7% of boys and that 1.9% to 3.8% of girls have used illegal steroids (Fernandez and Robert). High schoolers are not the only ones that take performance enhancing drugs, all sorts of athletes and even nonathletes take them. Taking performance enhancing drugs harms the human body in so many different ways like it harms the Hormonal System, Musculoskeletal System, Cardiovascular System, Liver, and the Skin (National Institute on Drug Abuse). Even in some cases performance enhancing drugs have killed the user; there were several cyclists that have died from taking them. Because of all physically harmful effects that performance enhancing drugs have, it should be deemed illegal in all states. Men and women have always wanted to surpass themselves and for some people, sports is the way they achieve that. All throughout sporting history there has always been a technique to try or a substance to take to increase their strength or improve their performance artificially. Doping is the misuse of performance enhance drugs during training or a sporting event, and it came into the scene in the 19th century. Heroin and morphine were the first drugs to be used and Heroin was used in horse-racing circles, and morphine was in boxing and endurance sports such as cycling and track and field. The first recorded victim of doping…
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