Performance Dynamics of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd

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Historical Background
Beximco Pharma is a leading edge pharmaceutical company and is a member of the Beximco Group,the largest private sector industrial conglomerate in Bangladesh. The firm started operation in 1980,manufacturing products under the licenses of Bayer AG of Germany and Upjohn Inc. of USA andnow have grown to become nation 's one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, supplying morethan 10% of country 's total medicine need. Today Beximco Pharma manufactures and markets its own`branded generics ' for almost all diseases from AIDS to cancer, from infection to asthma, fromhypertension to diabetes for both national and international markets.
Company Profile
Beximco Pharma manufactures a range of dosage forms including
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The challenge faced in open market competition is the scarcity and unavailability

Possible Measures to Improve Performance
Any organization is deeply effected by its environment. The macro political and economicenvironment of our country is so full of uncertainty that the managers of businessorganizations of Bangladesh face very difficult challenges to cope with the ever changing situations.The biggest challenge for the managers in the pharmaceuticals industry is the competition.Bangladesh is now self dependent in the pharmaceuticals the political and economic instabilitythere are other factors like international and domestic laws and regulations, rising trend of material price, high rate of inflation, obsolete technology, increased security problem, dire countryimage etc which effect the job of managers in our country most.Bangladesh can substantially increase pharmaceuticals export if the government extends support tolocal producers after this year when WTO rules on pharmaceuticals for developed and developingnations comes into effect. From the next year, the developing countries will lose their patent rights tosell products. The main challenge for Beximco Pharma is now to bring down production cost to offer medicines in the international market at a competitive price. For this, raw materials must be producedlocally. Producing countries will lose their rights to sell pharmaceutical ingredients
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