Performance Enhancing Drugs For Sports

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Performance Enhancing Drugs
Sport records are becoming harder to break and seeing records are starting to become a thing of the past.. Players aren’t being able to hit these home runs or score long touchdown’s. Injured players are getting kicked off the team or even quit because they can’t get to their peak performance that they were at before they got injured. If more players were to use performance enhancing drugs they would be able to compete to the performance of past players. A performance enhance drug is any drug used by athletes to heighten their abilities in the performance of their sport. But could P.E.D actually help that person get better in their sport?
Quite a few famous athletes have used performance enhancing drugs to improve there game. Kenneth Jost states “ Homerun hitter Mark ‘McGwire ended his career in 2001 with 583 home runs, a record that ranks seventh in baseball history” (7). Jost stated this to show what steroids a enhancing drug can actually help someone achieve a great achievement in baseball history. Unfortunately McGwire was not selected for the Hall of Fame. Jost states “Many Speculate that sports writers failed to select Mcgwire due to his connection with baseball’s steroid scandal” (7). That quote talks about how some people react to players using performancing enhancing drugs. Even though people may hate it, those enhancing drugs can help a player reach incredible heights.
Prohibitions against performance enhancing drugs should be
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