Performance Enhancing Drugs In The Olympics

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Performance enhancing drugs in the Olympics Every time the olympics comes along there is always people who use performance enhancing drugs. Most of them get disqualified before it starts but there are some who still get into the olympics. Most of the time the ones who are using performance enhancing drugs win the gold medals and take it away from the ones who work hard for the victory. Although athletes who use performance enhancing drugs are wining more than those who are not the olympics is a place for hard work, and therefore using performance enhancing drugs in the olympics should be banned.
Many athletes that use performance enhancing drugs and win the gold medal are usually stripped of the medal and banned for cheating. Most of the fans that figure out about their favorite athlete using performance enhancing drugs are crushed by the fact that they would cheat in the olympics: “On July 29 [2006], news broke that Justin Gatlin, co-owner of the world record for the 100 meters, tested positive for testosterone after an April meet in Kansas. Word of Gatlin's failed test—coming just three days after reports that Tour de France winner Floyd Landis also had tested positive for testosterone—left runners and sports fans alike shocked, angry, and feeling a bit duped. Gatlin had gained a following for his recent
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The olympics is one of the biggest tests of skill and hard work in sports today. Performance enhancing drugs help you with fatigue and stamina they are not to be used in compotitions such as the olympics. The olympics is a test of hard work skill that you put in and trained for so that you can reach the gold medal. They should not allow athletes to use performance enhancing drugs because they are cheating. Those who do choose to cheat should be banned from the
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