Performance Enhancing Drugs Should Be Banned

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Introduction The dream of being a major athlete forms in early childhood while watching a favorite athlete succeeding at any given sport. Once a child sees a professional athlete succeeding and being famous that child believes accomplishing this goal will be easy to accomplish. However, becoming a famous athlete is not as easy as it looks. In fact, many athletes whether at professional, college, or even high school levels will stop at nothing to achieve the most success and gain the most popularity. Moreover, a hundreds of thousands of athletes break the rules by using performance enhancing drugs each year. Performance enhancing drugs help athletes to becomes bigger, faster, and overall better at their individual sport. This process is…show more content…
Moreover, the Ancient Greeks who acted with these substances were punished by becoming a slave if found guilty of using substances to improve performance. Modern Day Doping More in present day, doping is still used to a great extent. However, we have much stronger substances that are commonly abused. These substances consist of deadly steroids by the use of injections or pills. Claudia Reardon and Shane Creado (2014) explain, “In 1998, police found a large number of prohibited substances, including ampoules of erythropoietin, in a raid during the Tour de France” (History of Doping in Athletes, para. 10). In today 's generation, law enforcement officers are taking action and busting individuals that have or are taking performance enhancing drugs. One of the most recent cases of drug busts involved gold medal olympian Usain Bolt. According to the CNN Library (2017), “The IOC [International Olympic Committee] rules that Usain Bolt 's 2008 gold medal in the 4x100m relay no longer counts after one of his teammates tests positive for methylhexaneamine, a banned substance” (PEDSFF, para. 47). Just one slip up of a team member can strip all the fame from an individual. Over the past few decades, several organizations have been formed to prevent substance abuse in athletes. One of the many organizations that have been created to crack down and bust people that abuse substances for performance enhancement include the World Anti-Doping Agency abbreviated as WADA. The WADA was
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