Performance Enhancing Supplements Essay

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Performance Enhancing Supplements Northeastern junior Colin Magee is like other athletic students around campus. He played sports in high school and now lifts weights at the Marino Center, Northeastern’s multi-million dollar workout center, several times a week. Also like many other weight-lifting students, Magee takes performance-enhancing supplements. Performance-enhancing supplements are nutrients that, unlike anabolic steroids, are available over the counter at countless supermarkets and nutrition stores nationwide. Supplements such as androstenedione (andro), creatine, tetrahydrogestrinone (THG), and NO2 are the most popular in today’s market, and are used to improve muscle gain. They are taken to coincide with a…show more content…
Of 21,225 student athletes who anonymously completed a questionnaire, 29.2% said they currently used “some type of supplement other than multivitamins,” the NCAA News reported. Of those supplement users, the major reasons student-athletes used the supplements were to improve athletic performance (27.3%), to improve physical appearance (also 27.3%), and for weight loss/gain (19.7%). Steroid use is not strictly a problem among college-aged students. There is evidence steroid use can oftentimes start much earlier than in college. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services conducted in 2001, 3.7% of high school seniors have taken anabolic steroids, while 2.1% of high school juniors and 1.6% of eighth graders have reported to have also at least once taken steroids. It has been proven by numerous studies that if exposed to steroids in high school, teenagers will almost always continue using steroids in college. According to a study done by the National Institute of Health’s Office of Dietary Supplements and the Council for Responsible Nutrition, about 42% of NCAA athletes who reported in 2001 that they use steroids said they brought the habit with them from high school. The numbers for how many college athletes use over-the-counter supplements are much higher than steroid numbers. According to a survey of
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