Performance Evaluation Of Mini Aes And Ecc Encryption For Cloud Computing

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Performance Evaluation of Mini AES and ECC Encryption for Cloud Computing

Mr.L.K.Suresh Kumar & Rashmi Kethireddy

Computer Science Engineering

University College of Engineering, Osmania University

Hyderabad, India


“Cloud computing” simply means “Internet computing “, generally the internet is seen as collection of clouds; thus the word cloud computing can be defined as utilizing the internet to provide technology enabled services to the people and organizations[1]. Cloud computing is a powerful emerging service that provides an optimized and efficient computing platform by using sharing and virtualization concepts and improving availability, scalability, collaboration and agility for users and enterprises [2]. Cloud computing has a rapid growth in IT industries due to the considerable benefits of sorting and maintaining resources in unlimited storages with the most cost efficient method, business continuity and scalability [3]. However, the only hurdle in wide adoption of this newfound technology is lack of security especially in data protection, authentication, and data transmission subject [4].

Cloud computing system is divided into 2 sections: The first section is known as front-end and another section is the back-end[5]. Front-end is through which client can access the cloud data. Back-end is collection of computers that provide services to client. Cryptography is a very basic technique for data security in Cloud Computing. So, we

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