Performance Evaluation : Performance Appraisal Process

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Performance appraisals are needed in the healthcare facility to ensure that the staff members can perform according to the organization’s standards. Performance appraisals help managers prepare their staff to walk in excellence. The performance appraisal process is one that few look forward to. However, understanding the process can help managers and employees conduct a more fruitful appraisal. At the University of Texas at Dallas, managers are taught that "A chief purpose of any performance appraisal program is employee development. This goal is accomplished by helping the employee to do a better job and by developing in the employee the knowledge and skill to meet the future needs of the work unit and the institution." (Mayhew, 2014)
For managers to be effective and help employees develop skills and capabilities, it is essential to begin the performance management process on the employee first day of work. Create a file for each employee and record the accomplishments, areas for improvement and regular feedback throughout the year (Mayhew, 2014). Another performance appraisal process is to provide regular feedback. The use of regular feedback allows the employer and the employee to know the working aspect of the organization. This feedback could result in disciplinary actions and/or rewards. Performance measures often include both process expectations (how the work gets done) and outcome expectations (the results of the process) (International Journal of Management and
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