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Performance Evaluations There are numerous reasons why organizations evaluate their staff, the main reason being to track employee progress and performance compared to expected objectives. I do not contest that performance evaluations play an important role in assessing the overall performance of an employee. However, given the large leaps taken with regards to technology and organizational changes within organizations, I think that performance evaluations have failed to advance at the same pace. The disconnect occurs when performance evaluations are used as the only organizational quality control tool rather than a source of motivation for progress and career advancement. Though I think employees should be evaluated, I don’t necessarily believe that it needs to be done in such a formal manner. I’m an extremely positive minded person who is not particularly attracted to this idea of stocking biases and negativity all year long only to open the box on the day of evaluations. In addition, I have a particular interest and have had some training in the field human performance improvement, which makes me even more skeptical of the effects of performance evaluations because I know that a majority of problems linked to poor performance are linked to the complexity and/or lack of understanding of processes, tools and job aids. As such, evaluating a job performer without weighing his work processes and tasks is clearly ineffective. An alternative to the traditional performance
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