Performance Evaluation of Ific Bank

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I) Background of the study In Bangladesh, Banking industry has matured to a great extent than earlier period. It has developed superb image in their various activities including online banking. Now modern banking services have been launched by some multinationals and local commercial bank. IFIC BANK LTD is not an exception in this case. Online banking is one of the most demanded forms of latest technologies in banking sector. Application of technology in IFIC Bank Ltd has already proved to be effective by offering opportunity for reduction of both paper and people. The Bank has taken up a new project with Misys International Banking System Inc. (UK) to further upgrade its banking operation to state-of-art world class on-line banking…show more content…
III) Objective of the study The objectives of the study are as follows: a. To evaluate the prospects of online banking of IFIC bank ltd. b. To determine the improvement of services and efficiency of IFIC Bank due to introduction of online banking in the present Banking arena. c. To asses whether the provision of services has been made faster after the introduction of online banking operations. d. To compare the improvement of performance and profitability before and after the implementation of online banking operations of IFIC bank ltd. e. To determine whether online banking expanded the market share of IFIC bank ltd. IV) Rational of the study Today’s world is service oriented in every sector. Those who are giving much more services rather than others are giving; they will be well ahead of competition because of getting better competitive advantages. There are 48 different Bank working together in Bangladesh. The competition is going up day by day by giving better services and they are trying to develop their own services every now and then. Online banking is known to us since 1990. Online banking has got tremendous importance in banking sector and banking customer as well. This will cover the benefits
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