Performance Evaluation of Rotary Vane Compressor Using Oil Separator in Car AC System

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One of the primary functions of an automobile climate control system is to provide the desired cooling and stabilize cabin temperatures to comfortable levels in hot climatic conditions. With the increasing demand for more energy efficient systems and thermal comfort in automobiles, the automobile AC system needs to be optimized to deliver the required cooling performance with minimum AC power consumption. Proper selection and integration of AC compressor with other system aggregates results in improved energy efficiency of the system.
There are varies ideas to improve compressor efficiency .But considering manufacturing feasibility ,design and validation lead time and cost as many of the ideas dropped down.
Oil separator is one of the way to improve cooling efficiency of compressor in which low investment and lead time involved.
Air conditioning compressor is an integral component for an air conditioning system; when it begins reciprocate, lubricant will be very pivotal to protect equipment. But when refrigerant is
Exhausted from compressor, a little of lubricating oil will be taken away from it and will accumulate inside the compressor eventually. Therefore, an oil-gas separator need be collocated to compressor, which could separate lubricating oil from refrigerant and then lubricating oil would flow back compressor. For the separator construction, the…
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