Performance Evaluation of a Private Bank

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Performance Evaluation of a Private Bank

IFIC Bank as a private bank in the private sector of Bangladesh.

Prepared For: Narzia Florin Lecturer, Dept. of Business Administration

Prepared By: Saleh Ahmed BBA – 02406160 24th GI Dept. of Business Administration Stamford University Bangladesh.

Submission Date: 15th May 2006

Letter of Transmittal

Dated: May 15, 2006

Narzia Florin
Dept. of Business Administration

Subject: Submission of report on performance evaluation of a private commercial bank.

Dear Madam,

It has been a great pleasure to submit the report on performance
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Subsequently, the Government denationalized two Banks, which were then fully Government-owned.

While in all these Banks Government held nominal 5 percent shares, an exception was made in the case of this Bank. It retained 40 percent shares of the Bank.

The decision by the Government to retain 40 percent shares in IFIC Bank was in pursuance of the original objectives, namely, promotion of joint participation of Government and private sponsors to establish joint venture Banks, financial companies, branches and affiliates abroad.
Ownership Structure


Board of Directors of the Bank is a unique combination of both private and Government sector experience. Currently it consists of Ten Directors. Of them five represent the sponsors and general public and four senior officials in the rank and status of joint secretary/Additional Secretary represent the Government. Managing Director is the ex-officio Director of the Board.

|Elected Directors |
|Representing 'A ' Class Shareholders |
|01 |Mr. Manzurul Islam |Chairman |
|02 |Mr. Saiful Islam |Director |
|03 |Mr. Abul Matin
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