Performance Feedback

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Case 3 “Performance Feedback Now and Then” page 523 of your text. Please answer question 1,2,3,4, and 5. Answer not to exceed 4 pages. Use bullet responses where appropriate. Provide feedback continuously and address/manage performance problems when they occur. 1. Set performance goals, make development plan with employee 2. Monitor employee progress toward goals. 3. Provide coaching, training, education as needed 4. Conduct annual performance appraisal against goals and develop plan activities 5. Establish a development plan for next year or next period of time. Develop improvement strategies and problem solving. The performance review is for the following: 1. Give employee opportunity to discuss…show more content…
It should include the following: 1. Giving the employee an opportunity to discuss performance and performance standards 2. Addressing employee strengths and weaknesses 3. Identifying and recommending strategies for improving performance 4. Discussing personnel decisions such as compensation, promotion and termination 5. Defining regulatory requirements and discussing compliance methods Ms. Turtle needs to have a clear set of goals and the data to support them. She needs to begin with the positives and then move to the areas of opportunity. She needs to be prepared for Ms. Kopalsi’s reaction to the three areas of performance where Ms. Turtle feels that Ms. Kopalski did not perform as expected. Clearly, she was hired to lead cross functional groups, namely Patient Satisfaction and Operations meetings and it seems that something has not gone as planned. 2. What additional information should Ms. Turtle have gathered before the meeting? Prior to this meeting, Ms. Turtle should have asked Ms. Kopalski to list her deliverables and how she feels she performed relative to them. It is an opportunity for Ms. Kopalski to list her accomplishments and strengths as well as areas where she feels she needs improvement. This will provide the framework for preparing her next measurable goals and develop pan action plan with timeline for their next
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