HPI 641 Motivated Design

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Motivated Design Alan Arnold University of Grantham HPI 641 Business Expertise: Cognitive Methods for Training and Performance Improvement Dr. Joseph LeVesque Feb 3, 2013 Motivated Design Since all of the processes in the text were mentioned in the earlier Guided Discussion Forum, the intent here is to mention those (not all inclusive) personally used while in the Marine Corps. Having been a recipient as a learner to some of this type of learning, as well as delivering various course material to students in the same situation, it is easy to relate to this chapter. The motivational aspects of the instruction must take into consideration the audience you are instructing.…show more content…
Learners are no exception. When feasible, allow the learner more control. Provide the learner ways in which they may choose to complete assignments, learning new or complex tasks, etc. Obtaining control of one’s own outcome proves a very resourceful motivational technique. Relate assignments and lesson projects to real life situations. A common complaint continually heard from learners is "What good is learning this, I 'll never use this again?” In today 's world, with all sorts of technology available, computers, the Internet, YouTube and other forms of video that can be brought into the classroom, it proves necessary to put some excitement into your lessons and project assignments in order to keep your learner’s interested and motivated. Implement a reward system. Instruction strategies that offer praise and involve a reward system proved extremely beneficial in motivating learners. Instructing at various levels is quite different for each level, which requires different rewards. For example, in boot camp a recruit that continually demonstrates and excels in assigned tasks may receive a phone call home to family, or a student that performs exceptionally well during a board may receive a meritorious promotion or plaque. Just make sure that your learners realize that the reward is for exceptionally finishing a task and not for just participating. Classroom games and class meetings to discuss personal topics like
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