Performance Improvement Plan For The Performance Plan

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This is a follow up performance progress review meeting on the active performance improvement plan you are currently enrolled. It’s been three weeks since HR and myself met with you to officially notify your enrollment to the performance improvement plan. Normally, the performance progress review meeting takes place within two weeks of your enrollment. However since you choose to take a full week vacation right after we informed you about the performance improvement plan, I had to push our meeting until the third week (04/08/16). The re-schedule of our meeting to a later day give me two full weeks to evaluate your progress. For the past two weeks, your time sheet clock in and out is accordingly with what we have requested. We would like this to continue daily, as this is part of the job responsibility you sign up with FXCM. In the other hand, I am seeing very little improvement when it comes to attention to detail on project 's direction/discussions. For instance, last week we met and we exchange email communication to discuss ticket assignment directions for the following ticket: https://intranet.usa.fxcorp.prv/it/index.php?m=ticket&a=editticket&id=1265210. (New To Forex Guide HTML5 Conversion). On Friday, April 1, 2016 at the end of the week, you send me a report of all projects you work during the week. In the report you specified that you had completed all updates and html5 conversion of all English Ads: FXCM US, UK, AU, and CA. You also mentioned that you were
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