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PGP-1 Term-II AY 2010-11 Marketing-II Case – “Performance Indicator” Submitted By: Inderpreet Singh Identification of Protagonist Robb Osinski and Bob Winskowicz are business partners in Performance Indicator, LLC. Robb started as an entrepreneur as an undergraduate at Harvard by setting up a landscaping company. Bob started his career in sales in consumer health care. He eventually became the vice president of sales for Arnold Golf Company. Both had quit their respective jobs to pursue Performance Indicator (PI) venture full time. PI was a technology pioneered by them and developed by Batelle Memorial Institute (BMI), which indicated…show more content…
• In the course of the years the firm has pitched the concept to Dunlop Maxfli, Bridgestone, Titleist, Spalding and other firms without much concrete success. Promotion Strategy • The promoters have been trying to promote the concept through press and meeting with retailers. • Nitro lawsuit spurred industry interest in used ball problem. • Golf digest was to carry article on PI in June 2002 issue. Problem Identification • Consumers did not believe condition of the ball to have any consequence on their game. Also, they considered themselves visually strong enough to understand the condition of the ball. This consumer attitude posed a significant problem for PI as it challenges the basis of the concept itself. • The organizations so far approached by PI are reluctant to pioneer the concept as they are not sure how the competitors, customers would react to the concept introduction. • There was little sense of urgency for incorporating the PI concept as the manufacturers were themselves surrounded by their own set of issues. • The market research revealed that almost 40% consumers would be willing to buy reused balls of a different brand. • As pointed out by Dunlop Maxfli, the concept may turn off consumers as an infringement on their access to cheap used balls. • They also mentioned the fear on the coloring of the ball into gray and impact of the same over the brand. • Pre-mature coloring of

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