Performance Indicators For Evaluation System

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EVALUATION SYSTEM Company establishes key performance indicators for evaluation system. The actual performance of marketing activities is comparing the set objectives. The key performance indicators are:-

• Overall sales of products in all the countries of world.
• Brand image
• Product innovation and improved existing products.
• Consumer feedback
• Rate of growth and increasing market share.

Company should follow following monitoring system:- *Responsibility control centres :- It is sub unit of an organization which is called as responsibility centre whose head is called Responsibility Centre Manager and is held responsible for all activities and events that come under his purview . These responsibility centres are built around
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Installment sale price
4. Ex-factory price
5. Ex-warehouse price
6. Delivered at customer’s doors anywhere price
7. Free on Board (FOB) price
8. Free on Rail (FOR ) price
9. CIF price

* Suggestions for distributing mix:-
*While deciding the distribution channels, the following should be kept in mind:-
 Vertical Marketing Systems
 Horizontal Marketing Systems
 Multi-channel Marketing Systems
 Network Marketing

Suggestions for communicating mix:-
* Factors Determining Promotion Mix

1. Type of product
2. Nature of market
3. Stage of product in its life cycle
4. Budget availability
5. Company policy

Colley proposed that the communications task be based on a hierarchical model of the communications process with four stages:
1. Awareness – Making the consumer aware of the existence of the brand or product or company.
2. Comprehension – Developing an understanding of what the product is and what it will do for the consumer.
3. Conviction – Developing a mental disposition in the consumer to buy the product.
4. Action – Getting the consumer to purchase the product.

*Barriers to marketing planning:- These are discuss below:
1. Mostly depend on budgeting and forecasting techniques for marketing planning.
2. The attitude of top management regarding implementation of planning.
3. When marketing operations, tactics strategy, marketing process and output become isolate.
4. When marketing required huge investment.
5. The organizational variables like objectives,
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