Performance Management And Appraisal Management

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One of many ways in order to measure and achieve organisational goals is through performance management and appraisal. According to Armstrong and Baron (2004) performance management is 'a process which contributes to the effective management of individuals and teams in order to achieve high levels of organisational performance. As such, it establishes shared understanding about what is to be achieved and an approach to leading and developing people which will ensure that it is achieved '. Executed correctly, performance management can be an impressive method to target involvement and contribution, therefore, helping to achieve organisational goals. However, if line managers and HR professionals do not carry out their correct roles and responsibilities, it can lead to disengaged staff members, encouragement of unproductive tasks, wasted time and effort, and poor decisions. This essay will critically discuss, further, how performance management and appraisal contributes in achieving organisational goals and the importance of continuous performance management. Performance management is an ongoing process which ensures employees contribute towards achieving organisation’s goals. CIPD insist that performance management should be about ‘performance improvement’ ‘development’ and ‘managing behaviour’. They also believe ‘Performance management is a process, not an event. It operates as a continuous cycle.’ However, organisations often see performance management as an annual task
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