Performance Management And Appraising Employee Performance

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At the beginning of this course, I identified performance management and appraising employee performance as two topics of interest to me. The connection between these two topics was evident to me from the start; however I can now see how they connect too many other aspects of my role as a supervisor. At the onset of this course, an increase in negative employee behaviour was my main reason for selecting performance management, more specifically discipline, as an area that could be improved on. However, I failed to see how my weaknesses and the organizations lack of policy were contributing to the employee’s discontent. My first goal was to create and implement a discipline policy and, using the knowledge gained through this course as
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However, I failed to recognize that the company’s outdated policies and job descriptions would need to be revised. Taking the time to properly define the current role and responsibilities of the box office positions has created a strong foundation and will help to ensure the success of the appraisal process when it is implemented.
At this point, the box office job description has been rewritten and is aligned with the positions current responsibilities, and I have identified the performance indicators that will be used to appraise employee performance. Setting the expectations and measures has been challenging in some ways. For example, tracking response times to emails is easily done, as there is an electronic record of these communications. However phone calls are not tracked electronically, which makes it difficult to identify the average response time to phone messages. Because of limited resources, our organization is not able to implement an electronic tracking system to provide this information, which means that the messages and call return times will be logged manually in the message log. This will require ongoing cooperation from the staff, and to obtain their commitment, I have communicated the importance of this initiative and explained how it relates to the organizations goals.
Overall, the knowledge that I have been able to apply to my work is having a positive
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