Performance Management And Performance Appraisal

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1. Introduction
1.1. Performance management and performance appraisal
The definition of the term ‘performance management’ varies in different literatures. As Hutchinson(2013) summed up, combined with Den Harton’s theory(2004), it is a continuous process which links individual and team objectives with organizational goals by measure and improve employee’s skill and performance. According to Armstrong (2012), human resource management aims at making sure the organization has the most talented, skilled and engaged people in order to attain its goals. In this context, performance management is one staple practice helping managers identifying and retaining most competent employees as well as correcting poor performance.

In a typical and effective process of performance management, as demonstrated in Figure 2.1, performance appraisal is not the only but a vital element because it is the activity which evaluate the outcome of the work, recognize the achievement and weaknesses and give employees and managers a straightforward result on these(Armstrong, 2009, Hutchinson, 2013). From a modern perspective, performance appraisal covers more areas not only on what have been achieved but also on the attitude and contribution of the operator (Hutchinson, 2013), which enhance the functions of identifying training needs.

Figure 2.1 process of performance management

1.2. The Renren Inc.
Renren Inc. has been one of the biggest social media platforms in China owning three main
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