Performance Management Assignment

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HR03 Performance Management Assignment I Assignment Code: 2010HR03B1 Last Date of Submission: 30th September 2010 Maximum Marks: 100 Attempt all questions. All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks. Section A 1. Define Performance Management. State the process of Performance Management and discuss all the factors determining organizational performance ? 2. Explain different methods of performance appraisals. a. Discuss bars method with an example. b. In any company of your choice explain how appraisal systems are implemented. 3. What are various stages in PfM theatre ? Explain diagrammatically. 4. Select two multinational companies of your…show more content…
Suggest the elements in performance appraisal methods of CEO’s. 3. There are two types of reward i.e., financial and non financial. Justify the situation in which financial reward will be helpful and situation in which nonfinancial reward will be help full. 4. Taj Hotel has special system of appraising their employees through points. Read the case from internet and discuss the system adopted by Taj Hotel. Section B 5. Analyse the case and answer the questions given below : CHANGING OVER TO A NEW PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM A public sector enterprise proposed to reorganize its structure and activities along business lines. Its main functions were to procurement, storage and supply of certain essential commodities. The majority of the employees were originally civil servants, who eventually opted for the service of the undertaking when it was registered as a company and offered them attractive terms. The newly-formed company was naturally interested in retaining their services. Its new Managing Director was particularly anxious to switch over to the open system of performance appraisal and do away with the annual confidential reports in the open system of communication in a busyness enterprise and for judging each individual on the basis of his performance rather than on his length of service or stay on a particular job. He was specially aiming to bringing about two major changes viz. (a) appraisal of
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