Performance Management Assignment

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15.1 Introduction
15.2 Objectives
15.3. Performance Appraisal: Concept and Definition
15.4. Performance Management: Concept and Definition
15.5 Performance Management vs. Performance Appraisal
15.6 Purpose and importance of performance appraisal
15.7 Objectives of Performance Appraisal
15.8 Process of Performance Appraisal
15.9 Steps of Performance Appraisal
15.10 Approaches of Performance Appraisal
15.11 Methods and Techniques of Performance Appraisal
15.11.1 Traditional Methods
15.11.2 Modern Methods
15.12 Biases of Performance Appraisal
15.13 Summary
15.14 Glossary
15.15 Answer to Check Your Progress
15.16 Reference/ Bibliography
15.17 Suggested Readings
15.18 Terminal & Model Questions

Today, performance appraisal is used for developmental and motivational purposes in the organization. It is not a stand still evaluation activity, but a dynamic process which should be viewed as follows- planning the employee’s performance and evaluation, and improving the performance of employees. The process brings the new concept Performance Management. Performance Management is essential for today’s organization to integrate the management goals and employees performance. It is a system for integrating the management of organization and employee performance in order to support and improve organization’s overall business goals.
In this unit, you will study about performance appraisal and performance management
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