Performance Management At A Large Retail Department Store

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Performance management can focus on a specific process or on entire departments. Measuring tools can include performance appraisals, reviews, and forms. Performance management is essential in order to foster an environment that values communication and hard work. Performance management includes the execution of new training plans that are identified during individualized coaching sessions. Supervisors and managers need to utilize performance management analysis in order to create a mutual understanding between employees and management over the goals of the organization. Employees need to know what to accomplish and how to accomplish the new goals. The main areas of improvement are usually: financial management, customer service,…show more content…
I need to establish a performance chart system in order to modify the employee’s current behaviors, and to link compensation directly to the performance. Firstly, for making the performance chart system effective, I need to create a job report for a retail sales associate in the following manner. Our Sales Associates are in the finest position to deliver the company’s retail assurance to our customers and therefore, this job role is extremely important. As a Retail Sales Associate, you will have to refine your professional sales skills and learn all about the company’s sales strategies so that an effective and positive relationship can be formed between the company and its customers. It must be noted that as a Retail Sales Associate you need to have a positive attitude and a communicative environment so that customers feel at ease to ask for any help while shopping in our retail store. The base-plus-incentives pay structure of the company is meant to reward sales associates who can successfully meet the customer’s needs along with the need of the company. So the intuitive ability of a Retail Sales Associate to adapt to different shopping preferences is needed on his/her part to succeed in this job role. Responsibilities of a Retail Sales Associate include building customer confidence by making their shopping experience interactive, engaging and reassuring; developing the customers’ experience by positive addressing to and solving their problems; making effective

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