Performance Management At Precision Engineering

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Performance Management in Action Performance management (PM) has been a part of organizations for many decades and primarily understood as a fundamental function of the Human Resources (HR) department no matter what the size or industry of the business. However, more recently performance management has shifted to being a competitive strategic advantage for organizations wishing to become high performing and overall successful. As such aligning PM with organizational missions, visions, values, goals, and strategies has now become the direct focus of HR professionals across the globe. As a HR manager, there are a number of situations which must be addressed with PM and support of other departmental managers. Presented is the application of the PM process, with analysis, responses and action items, for five emails written by department managers requesting advice on a number of situations from the organization’s HR manager at Precision Machining Inc. Precision Machining Inc. Background Precision Machining Inc. is a 65 year old organization which provides services such as welding, fabrication, machining, prototype design, engineering, certification, assembly, and forming (CSU-Global, 2015). Their specialization is working with stainless steel, but they are versed in a number of other appropriate materials. The company is extremely committed to high quality customer service by meeting unusual requests and demands (2015). Further, their HR department has just undergone some
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