Performance Management At The Retail Store

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Performance Management
In the retail store that in which I work as an HR manager clothes are sold along with shoes, handbags, linens, etc. Recently my company had its worst quarter and being the HR manager I have asked by the upper management to improve the performances of the retail store employees on an immediate basis so that the sales and merchandise of the store can be improved and good customers can be retained along with attracting new customers. When I got into the process of assessing the employee performance in the retail store I was annoyed and yet amazed to find out how the employees are less motivated due to the negative media attention the company has been getting about its earnings. I gradually realized, putting aside my
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So the intuitive ability of a Retail Sales Associate to adapt to different shopping preferences is needed on his/her part to succeed in this job role.
Responsibilities of a Retail Sales Associate include building customer confidence by making their shopping experience interactive, engaging and reassuring; developing the customers’ experience by positive addressing to and solving their problems; making effective use of store displays to attract the customers; and developing a positive customer relationship.
Moreover, to improve the employees’ performance I need to modify their behaviors and need to define before them three essential behaviors that are necessary for job performance – being polite and communicative so that customers feel easy to interact, being a good and patient listener so that the problems of the customers can be understood and addressed properly, and always having a pleasant attitude. So, for behavior modification I need to implement the following Organizational Behavior Modification (OBM) Plan:
Firstly, I have to identify the performance-related behaviors that are problematic (“Organizational Behavior Modification (OB-MOD): A corrective behavior strategy”, n.d.). Secondly, I have to measure the degree of the problem by establishing a baseline in the target problem behavior (“Organizational Behavior Modification (OB-MOD): A corrective behavior strategy”, n.d.).
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