Performance Management : Effective Coaching System

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Performance management is the process of communication between a supervisor and an employee that occurs throughout the year, in order achieve strategic objectives of the organization. The communication process includes clarifying expectations, setting objectives, identifying goals, providing feedback, and reviewing results. Traditional performance management systems are changing to become a more effective coaching system that focuses on employee achievement of goals and objectives rather than the annual appraisal systems that only communicate one-way. Traditional management certainly gives management “control, but it doesn’t necessarily result in the best performance . The goal of a company is to accomplish the best possible performance. To achieve the best performance, management should design a framework for people to perform within. The framework should combine the old method of performance management as well as innovative techniques to encourage employees. The framework should be more concerned with people rather than the organization alone. . (Bognes, Bjarte, 2012. “The end of performance management”) The current model of Performance management uses “Performance Review” to provide employees with feedback on their job performance. The issue with this mode is that it is not conducive to an organization that encourages its employees. Managers they are coaching their employees when in reality they just giving feedback, from manager to employee, about the employee’s work
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