Performance Management Framework: Growing a Limousine Service Company

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Performance management framework: Growing a limousine service company Introduction The particulars of an appropriate performance management framework will vary from industry to industry and corporation to corporation. The prioritization of different components of the performance management framework will depend on the particular role or function satisfied by the employee in question. For example, one common performance management framework defines the core components of the organization according to mission and strategy; customer satisfaction; employee behavior; and shareholder needs (Conkins 2005:1). From the CEO perspective, the most important component of the framework is the organization's mission and strategy because "that is the CEO's primary job, to define and constantly adjust organizational strategy as the environment changes. That is why CEOs are paid high salaries and reside in large corner offices. However, after the strategy definition is complete and maintained as current, then the core business processes take over, with competent process owners held accountable to manage each one" (Conkins 2005:1). In contrast, customers would say that customer satisfaction the most important component, given that without customers, the enterprise cannot flourish (Conkins 2005:1). Shareholders are the de facto owners of a corporation and may believe that their financial interests should dictate policy, versus any long-term strategies or social mission articulated by the

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