Performance Management

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PHILLIP CHERY ANN – LEARNING OUTCOMES FOR UNIT 5003 EXTERNAL ASSIGNMENT UNIT 5003 – PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT 1. Learning outcome 1: Be able to identify and agree performance objective 1.1 The link between individual, team and organizational objectives: The link between individual, team and organizational performance is meeting the objective of the organization. * Individual performance - understands and agrees on the objectives, task and standards they monitor and develop their own performance. * Organization performance - defines mission, values, strategies, task standards performance measures and they monitor and develop organizational team and individual performance * Team performance- focus on achieving…show more content…
Have a standard recording system and employees should know about it. . Learning outcome 3: Be able to understand and performance support for improvement: 3.1Performance improvement cycle: * Plan: need to clearly identify what performance is required and how it will be measured * Do: encourage the performance to the required standard and provide support and development * Check: stop asses and evaluate the performance against the measure set * Action: take the necessary action to improvement where performance standards have not been achieved and make adjustments for the next planning round. 3.2Indicators of poor performance are: * Lacking of training and support – meaning that the organization has limited training for it workers and support * Lack of motivation and incentives - workers or not being motivated to work * Problems outside of the workplace – workers may have personal issues but because of the lack of support given they are unproductive. * Breakdown in interpersonal relation amongst the work team * Lack of skills and knowledge required for the job * Inadequate physical environment, including lack of proper tolls, supplies and workspace
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