Performance Management Plan Essay

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Week 4: Performance Management Plan

Abstract Performance management is an essential tool for a company. It creates the opportunity for the individual success of all its employees, and therefore the longevity of the company to prosper. Performance management creates a point of reference for the employee to see where they stand performance wise, and gives the employees the insight to see where they can strengthen their productivity. The following paper will highlight and demonstrate the potential and importance of performance management. Furthermore, the paper will contain a job analysis process that will further identify the skills needed by employees, methods used for measuring those skills,
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Job Analysis In an article written by the CDFA job analysis is a detailed look at a particular job or classification. It identifies the tasks performed on the job and the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are needed to perform those tasks. To conduct the job analysis it is imperative to meet with experts in the field. In the case of Clapton Commercial Construction, the Regional Director of Arizona will need to meet with the prospective contractors, architect, county assessor, first level supervisors, hiring managers, and first level supervisors in Michigan to gain understanding of the responsibilities, skills, and classifications needed for the jobs at hand in Arizona. The purpose of job appraisals is to improve employee’s work performance by helping them realize and use their full potential in reaching the performance standards and also providing information to employees and managers for use in work related decisions; such as, promotions and compensation