Performance Management Plan

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Performance Management Plan
Emerson Oliveira
May 14, 2014
Mary Jo Payne
Performance Management Plan
Clapton Commercial Construction is a mid-size company on the construction segment, currently located in Detroit, Michigan and looking to expand their business to Arizona. The economically depressed city of Detroit, considered one of the most prosperous cities in the entire nation, has had some improvements lately, with the automobile companies, bringing jobs back to town and slightly increased the demand for commercial construction. Although it is noticeable the city’s evolutions that are gradually occurring, the recession effect still prevails impacting Clapton Commercial Construction’s ability to being profitable,
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The principles of a high performing organization relates to achieving outstanding results by clarifying its strategy, aligning processes and systems to that strategy, and by making each person, manager, and department a contributing partner in the business. Management has an important role in this continuous process of improving performance by setting clear expectations with employees, defining distinct and measurable goals and deadlines, facilitating and evaluating employees’ work and providing clear feedbacks for improvements and encouraging performance by rewarding a well done job and demonstration of desired attitude and behavior fairly and timely. According to "COD - The High Performance Philosophy" (2012), “Companies that redesign their workplace using high performance philosophy consistently outperform more traditional companies and showed an average productivity improvement of 37%” (para 1).
The Job Analysis Process
There is no value in having a high performance culture within the organization if we do not have employees with the right skills to execute the work effectively. The purpose of job analysis is to identify the work to be done and the range of competencies, knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes that are necessary for the staff to carry out the job duties.
There are five common methods of job analysis,
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