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Landslide Limousines' Performance Management Plan Maggie LaPoint HRM/531 April 4, 2014 Pamela Jones Landslide Limousines' Performance Management Plan Landslide Limousines will be an organization based on customer satisfaction! The customer’s perception and experience with the organization and their employees is what will drive repeat business and good word of mouth. According to Cascio (2013), “if a company’s strategy is to provide high-quality customer service, it is likely to emphasize, for example, training in problem solving, conflict resolution, negotiation, and team building.” The prior mentioned will be the aim for Landslide Limousines 25 employees. The performance management plan will start in the hiring process and continue…show more content…
For example, will he have 25 drivers and then take the responsibility of all other office details. It is the recommendation that at least 4 employees initially are hired as driver supervisors. These 4 supervisors will also be responsible for driving customers 50% of their work time in addition to supervisor activities. Once employee positions are determined we will analyze 3 top performing limousine services in the area by interviewing and personal experience. From those visits Landslide Limousines will be able to determine what the key factors are to providing an unforgettable chauffeur service. There will be in-depth analysis of customer service factors during customer interactions and also office criteria needed to detail job descriptions to identify the skills needed by employees to be successful in their positions. An employee’s success in the organization will be measured! Skill Measurement An employee’s skills start prior to ever being employed, therefore Landslide Limousines will have all applicants submit skills testing. This testing will measure their ability to problem solve, their customer service orientation, and what their personal goal are during their time of employment. Once an applicant is hired they will complete orientation training which will give them the tools to be successful. After training employees will be monitored on a regular basis. Every customer will be asked to fill out a customer service survey with open-ended

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