Performance Management Process And Employee Development

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This research paper presents the research results of performance models of management by objectives. This paper also addressed: 1) performance management philosophy, 2) performance management process and employee development, and 3) performance management and compensation.
Keyword: performance, development, compensation Research and summarize relevant performance models
An effective model of performance management system focuses on identifying, measuring and dealing with employee’s performance. Traditionally, performance management system is viewed to be a the responsibility of immediate supervisor, a process for establishing a shared understanding about what is to be achieved, and how it is to be achieved, and an approach to managing people that increases the probability of achieving success. However, There’s no single universally accepted model of performance management system. This section summarized the research results of three different performance management systems.
Management by objectives (“MBOs”)
MBOs is a type of performance management system that requires the manager and employee to identify employee goals as they relate to the overall business. For example, a sales representative 's objectives may include increasing revenue by 25 percent in 12 months. The employee determines how best to achieve this goal and establishes a timeline for the tasks she needs to accomplish to increase revenue: improve sales and decrease costs. Often, MBOs track
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