Performance Management Process

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Question 1: Discuss how the issues above will have an impact on the six steps in the performance management process i.e. how can these issues be incorporated into the six steps of the performance management process – your response is to be supported by information provided in the case. (30 marks) The term performance management, may be defined as a systematic process utilized by companies or firms to enhance success by advancing the quality of performance of their staff. This involves the participation of all employees, whether on an individual or a team basis which promotes organization effectiveness in alignment with the organization’s goals. In order for performance management to be effective, there are six steps of the…show more content…
The six steps process will give the company adequate feedback that will address labour turnover, staff morale, and performance appraisal of staff annually. This process will allow the company to make comparisons so they can know where they went wrong, what and how to improve in specific areas. It will also provide insight so when the cycle starts all over again; it will do so on the right foot. The performance management process is an ongoing process where each component is very important and if each is implemented poorly, the whole system suffers. As a result, links being components must be clear. Question 2: Select which you think are the four (4) most appropriate issues to be included in an annual performance management plan and provide a justification for your answer. (12 marks) In reference to this case, the four most appropriate issues to be included in an annual performance management plan are those related to absenteeism, performance appraisal, labour turnover and training and development. Absenteeism is the term used to describe the rate of occurrence of habitual absence from work or duty. The company reported that there is a growing absence problem among the store’s staff. This can be considered to be one of the major issues to be addressed in the company’s performance management plan as absenteeism hinders productivity and growth. When employees are frequently absent from the
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