Performance Management Process Paper

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There is a purpose for each of the preliminary steps taken prior to implementing a performance management system. They will ensure the employees are aware of the process and managers who rate employees understand why, how, and to do so properly (Aguinis, 2013). The communication plan goal is to be proactive in addressing employees concerns about the system and inform employees how the system will help the organization as well as themselves achieve their goals. The communication plan also will outline the time for the process and everything that will take place prior to the process being implemented as well as what to expect once it is in place. In the communication plan it will be the first time that employees will hear about this new process;…show more content…
In this phase the raters are educated on the reasons a performance management system is being put in place and provided information on the appraisal form and the actual performance management system. They are also trained on how to identify and rank job activities, how to observe, document, and measure performance, conduct a performance review, and most importantly minimize rater errors. The focus on rater error training is essential as it points out and identifies biases and lack of knowledge or program understands that leads to rating employees incorrectly. There are several types of errors that can occur and in the preparation phase employees are educated on how to prevent making these errors. The final step that occurs prior to implementing the performance management system is pilot test; this is imperative to do in order to identify errors, issues, and any improvements that needs to be made before implementing the system to the entire organization which can save the company money in finding issues
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