Performance Management System And Total Rewards Plan For Weavertech

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Performance Management System and Total Rewards Plan for WeaverTech
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Due to the acquisition of WeaverTech formally known as Johnson-Ware an apparel company by CVX Partners, a private equity firm, there arose a need for the company to change its line of business to high-end segment of the apparel industry (Beer & Swier, 2015). Before the acquisition of the company by the new owners, WeaverTech was a closely owned family entity that had been formed in 1905. Before the proposal to change the company customer base, the company exclusively relied on the military (70%) and security (30%) as the only customers for the company products.
The need to change the company customer base from military and security to high-end performance clothing market apparently arose from the allure of the later market segment and the dwindling growth of the military and security market (Beer & Swier, 2015). In fact, at the end of the 2012 WeaverTech fiscal year, the company had dropped 12 places among the top 30 privately owned American entities. In addition, the departure of Jack Davidson a retired US Navy rear admiral, WeaverTech CEO from 1983 to 2012 as well as the end of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars meant that the traditional, market was no longer going to be reliable. Consequently, there was need to redesign the company customer base and take advantage of the high-end market segment. The need to have this…
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