Performance Management System For An Organization

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Performance management system in any organisation considered as one of the most critical part of Human resource management. Organisation who are having competitive edge over other organisation use performance management system that help an organisation to achieve its vision, mission and strategic or long term objective. Performance management system help organisation to create an environment of performance and opportunities and giving out 100% (Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment, N.P). Performance management system is a cycle of activities that include Setting of desired objectives, planning, feedback, evaluation of performance, its development and reward system to attract employees to achieve those
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It is responsibility of Human resource management that they should design job requirement in linking with organisation objectives, make sure that they advertise an attractive salary package to attractive competent people, and then they should recruit those people who are highly motivated after due consideration of their academic, past experience and their ability to deal with situation. Once employee has been selected and recruited make sure that he should be given proper attention on organisation culture and its objectives and his role in achieving those objectives. It is responsibility of Human resource management to ensure that employee should be up to date with changes in market by providing them training and development. To ensure that there should minimum staff turnover and to forecast to when organisation will be in need for more skilled employees.
Human resource management should ensure that employees should be given continuous training, on-job training, leaning and development so that they can adopt and cope with current changes in business environment as well as prepare them for the future career interest of employee and organisation (Human Resource Management (ganing a competitive advantage), 2010).
Designing of Performance management system
In order to design a robust and an effective
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