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WeaveTech Performance Management System
Performance management is the process a business uses to assess and determine the efficiency in achieving set objectives. A durable performance management system relies on a trusting relationship between employees and employers. When employees doubt the credibility of employers, they also distrust the results of any performance management metrics that are produced. Inconsistent feedback from management can result in poor performance and cause confusion or resentment among employees, which further leads to distrust towards the performance management reports.
The current WeaveTech Performance Management System can be praised for helping the company achieve the success it has up until this point. A number of flaws in WeaveTech’s current performance system should consider rectification. The potential demoralization due to the recent decrease in bonuses for senior managers relative to hourly employees should be considered to be rectified. Planning, and budgeting have received lower scores which shows certain managers under the current obligations lack the capability of producing. 20 percent of the workforce lack satisfaction with the current system, in addition to, individual performance deficiencies and decline of knowledge and skills over time shows WeaveTech’s lack for creativity (Beer & Swiercz, 2015).
Performance Appraisal Methods
Performance appraisals assess individual’s performance in systematic ways and are utilized for all

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